How do I exchange my items?

Last modified: December 26, 2020
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Do not return any items unless you’re asked to do so by a member of our support team. Sending an item without being instructed or without initiating a request form may result in a much slower turnaround time for us solve your problem.

Like we describe in this article, we may or may not accept returns and/or exchanges, depending on the circumstance you may have encountered.

FREE Exchanges Process

After your exchange request has been reviewed and approved by our Customer Support team, we will send you return instructions for the items you need to exchange. Please note: We will cover the shipping cost of your returned items, once they have been received, inspected and approved for exchange. After that, we will send you a store credit which will include the value of the returned items you purchased initially plus the shipping cost you paid to return to us for exchange. We will ask you for photo of the shipping receipt showing the amount you paid to return the items to us.

Complete exchange process:

  • Once we have received your returned item for exchange, we will inspect it in order to approve the exchange. Please see the requirements for approval of item exchanges here.
  • Once the exchange has been approved, we will send you a store credit code for the same amount of the item you wanted to exchange, plus shipping cost.
  • The store credit code will be linked you your account’s email address you have registered with us, or the one used for the order where the item you need to exchange is.

Sometimes, depending on each case, we may decide not to ask you to return the item and give you a store credit in order to solve your problem quicker.

In addition, depending of the specific circumstance you had, we may also offer you some store credit/discount in appreciation and apology for the trouble created.


If you need to return something, please Click here.

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