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Last modified: April 15, 2019
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We put together as much information as possible on a regular basis on our ALPHA Support Center so we can help you and guide you with any questions or concerns you may have. Please follow these different sections below where you can get in touch with any of our departments according to your area of interest.

*Please contact us via only one method of contact. Contacting through multiple channels may delay our response to you.


Contact Support

Customer Support, help with orders, returns, exchanges, etc: Submit a Request Here

*After your request has been received, we will email you a receipt confirmation email of your request. From there you can keep in touch with us by either replying to our email or by going to My Requests where you can also add any additional comments to your previous requests and communicate with us, as well as check the current status of your request.

Business and Ambassadors

For Affiliate and Ambassador Opportunities: Follow this link

For business Inquires, Partnerships, Retailers Opportunities: Contact Us Here

Questions about our products inventory, availability or ideas: Contact Us on Messenger


We don’t have a Call Center:

ALPHA Territory doesn’t have a call center and we’re just not equipped yet to handle high volumes of phone calls.

Our brand has been built online, including our customer support. You may receive an automated notification here and there, but rest assure all of our channels are being managed  by real people (yes, humans) that are pretty much ALPHAs on a mission like you, where they check and respond to our community as actively and efficiently as possible.

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