Can I exchange my item?

Last modified: April 15, 2019
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Do not return any damaged items unless you’re asked to do so by a member of our support team. Sending an item without being instructed or without initiating a request form may result in a much slower turnaround time for us solve your problem.

Like we describe in this article, we may or may not accept returns and/or exchanges, depending on the circumstance you may have encountered. That would apply to exchanges as well.

Exchange Process

After your request has been reviewed and approved by our Customer Support team (where we determined the mistake was on our end), we will send you a return label so you can send your item back to us, free of charge, in order to proceed with an exchange for you.

Sometimes, depending on each case, we may decide not to ask you to return the item and give you a store credit in order to solve your problem quicker.

In addition, depending of the specific circumstance you had, we will also offer you some store credit/discount in appreciation and apology for the trouble created.

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